Daniel’s kind of affection



hands of the well written….well executed..well acted phillipine films i have ever seen.. its clean..not cheesy.. its like watching a foreign movie..even better.and im not saying this bec its kathniel..

these kids.. i am proud of how you both grew as actors. 

daniel have proven your worth  and you have this natural talent ..( definitely not padilla’s all you) and no offense meant of course..haha need to thank ms molina for her acting guidance..srsly…you did very well in this movie..esp the scene with richard. .plus of are just so ruggedly handsome..i must say..

ms. kathryn.. it is really no surprise that you are one fine actress..and you keep getting better at it..i hope that you bag one of these acting trophies someday  bec you earn it.  you are never one of those trying hard are able to show the right emotions and you are so pleasant to watch on the big screen. you’re lucky you have such expressive eyes that can convey so any emotions  you are  so. radiantly pretty on screen.

you both have huge strong presence on screen and such chemistry..can’t emphasize enough.. really really sweet to watch..kilig is an understatement..haha

p.s.  watched this movie yesterday at greenhills..first show..felt weird after 20 yrs of not being here….but it’s damn good to have seen this one..

ms. molina.. you’re one of the best..kudos to the entire team.. you all deserve a big  paycheck and bonus!!haha

another ps.  chardawn.. they still have it.. there should be a movie with just the 4 of them„.right?

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